Rest: Places to Sleep in the Hospital

If your child is being admitted to the Hospital, we invite one parent or guardian to stay overnight with him at the bedside. Cots, sleep chairs and sleep sofas are available for your comfort. In general, in the intensive care unit areas, it is not possible for an extra bed to be in the room.

Sleep rooms

patient bedThere are a limited number of sleep rooms throughout the Hospital, which are available at no cost to families on a one-night-at-a-time basis. Priority is given to parents with children in the ICUs or parents who are not able to sleep bedside.

You may sign up for these rooms in the Connelly Resource Center for Families, located on the 8th floor of the Main Building. Please sign up by 12 p.m. each day, so the Family Relations coordinators can assign the rooms in the afternoon.

If you are assigned a room, you will be given information on check-in and check-out times. Because so many families need to use these rooms, we try to take into consideration the medical status of the child and each family’s individual situation. If you are not assigned a room for the evening, staff will help you identify other areas to sleep in the Hospital, or assist with information about various hotels in the area.


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